Japan, one day before the Tsunami the people are unite to celebrate the new commercial bullet trainline who should be open the next day to run really fast in nearly the full length of the country. At the end Redditor say: “On that day, you waved at us. Thank you. You smiled for us. Thank you. You came together as one for us. Thank you. From now, Japan is linked together, from top to bottom. From now, Japan will become fun.” In fact the nature is always more strong than man and destroyed nearly all they’ve done during History and if it’s really hard for them to be happy when they had triple disaster of earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis.Those who are still alive try miserabily to do as nothing ever happened even if some of them have lost their job, their school, and their home. That’s why in the daily news of Japan we can feel japanese seek more the solidarity than before the catastrophe. For example, shopkeepers offer their free service for the victims to help them to leave that dirty day of their spirit. But the eco The Japan’s sport clubs of football (soccer) gonna bring them a new energy by given them victories, and it’s gonna be a miracle if Japan recovery quick and organise the Olympic Games of 2020. Today, it’s a matter which concern all these islands in the world threatened by sea level rise.