Some researchers of Physiology and Social Sciences have done scientific tests on the meals to know better about how to eat correctly.

First, food on our tables can provide energy.  But it will vary whether the social status if you are a businessman or a factory worker. Because they represent with different style of clothes, wage or salary, and they need different amounts of energy according to their activity. Also it depend on the varieties of food produced in the country for adequate performance. For example, scientific overview and tests done on the inhabitants in the Sahel region and the Niger (Africa), confirm that people must resist desertification and the food crisis each year, more and more. It is best to grow millet in the land infertile and two others cereals: sorghum and rice.

Personally I think this study is particularly interesting because it allows us to already know what another generationshould do later with climate change and the future desertifications to survive on Earth.

After when you are hungry you just have to program the best food as your body absorb energy of: iron, protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, zinc, iodine, cholesterol, or vitamins. And this is why we like to eat.

According to Freud, by eating everything you want incousciously is the best combinaison to protect yourself of narcissism and to lose weight. For example the new fashion is to buy cook book launched by some modern star of the show-business to know exactly how to cook the meals to surprise all the friends, familly,  you like to invite to a dinner at home_ or again to try to impress your stepmother.

But what is interesting when the hunger’s satisfied is that eat better depending on the way you cook, but also if you do sport or not and the way you are set in an outdoor environment. In conclusion, whatever you want to cook and eat (indian, Tex Mex, etc)  all you need is to eat properly !

P.S.: if you have heart discease or if you have diabetes please ask your doctor to give you an appropriate diet.