The debates rage on since the millenium. Countries met at the G20 to put money on the table and answers are all the same: Climate collapse is near and Earth’s resources are more or less finite. It’s important as stopping terrorism or what we gonna do when there’re no more ressources? A WW III? When leaders of territories are blocked Himalaya ice-melt provides more water in the River Gange, the Artic Sea improves the waters in the U.S. or until London. And we start to build the seed bank  to collect every type of plant in the world, while World food prices remain high.

In fact we use too much energy. The solution can be to recycle energy for electrical power or the alternative may be to give more responsability to entrepreneurs to low-carbon prosperity 80 percent—before 2060.

Virgin CEO and British Richard Branson, called at the United Nations General Assembly in New York on 11 February 2008, said about the climate change than mitigating and adapting to climate change can be run by a neutral world figure in global warming and can serve as “a tool for the U.N. to “scale up the best innovations by bringing together business leaders, economists, scientists, environmental groups and other expert organisations to tackle the war against global warming.”… to create a climate wealth. Branson and others decided to set up the “Environmental War Room” in Wahington DC.