May 21 2011. it’s a scorcher out there today…

I use twitter, there’s 20 tweets per second about the Rapture. But what we got to say about the Church ? The Church ameliorated the division in the world with his doctrine of the Rapture who started to be very popular until the 19th century when come the colonialism and the age of expansion. Now the technology has replaced the evangelism and there are many more interpretations possible than it’s difficult to understand the real meaning of the Rapture, or the significance of the End of Time in the scripture of the Bible. The church members believe it’s gonna be a period of 7 years of tribulation before Jesus Christ come back on Earth. This time he will be born again in a country where the christians have already evangelised. Why not in Japan? Now Japan is reopen to the world  for survival and economic self-reliance _ after to have seen the Apocalypse.

They gonna pray more and more and be more and more to read a new Bible translation, believe in the role of the Holy Spirit, and have women in ministry; but the new generation would no more go to the Church but in new movie-theaters build in Japan_ and mostly in China. Trust me there’re always in big movies somes symbols of theology, philosophy, and even nonverbal communication. It means, then, non-verbal messages like gestures and touch (Haptic communication), by body languagepostures, facial expressions, and eye contact. Meaning can also be communicated through object or artifacts (such as clothinghairstyles or architecture), symbols, and icons (or graphics). These stuffs bring to the spectators the daily motivation.

It’s also possible to live and work in another country, or go to meet people of diverse culture. We got to face the fact than in the modern era, with the new technology in theaters and the globalization, the Western culture have many Asian Americans as it’s one of the more fastest-growing ethnic groups in USA. Specially in California, New York and Hawaii. Two of these states had Asian populations exceeding 1 million: California (4.2 million) and New York (1.2 million).

So while the Church is involved in evangelism with the prediction of the Rapture and his 7 years of tribulation, producers work on big-budget movies (like ‘2012′) and are better understood with theology to show the power of the Church, and the nonverbal communication to better create a division with the films of low-budget like ‘Avatar’ or ‘War of the Worlds’who are to my eyes the two more original and provocative science fiction’s films of this six years. It will be interesting to see than they use more or less the same strategy: a catastrophe of big impact, a protagonist and a girl who gonna meet and go forward against everything (in 2 hours of time) to find how to stop the Rapture before to have a sentimental moment because they are more respected before to become nobody.

Courtesy of Paramount

Courtesy of 20th Century Fox

In fact all the films producers and movie critics influence so much the point of view of the audience that’s why they go often to the Theater. However the culture of each spectator studies show they can be represented in order to make a blockbuster around the world, to share a dream withing each political, commercial and artistic films, and they feel a growing adrenalines by watching movies.

This is like go to a fast-food it’s to the audience to build his own critical thinking for personal and professional development. I think now you have a better idea the goals of the big films to stay financially independent.

Each blockbuster at the movie-theater bring at least 100 million dollars to the entreprise. It’s the stronger Money Machine after the aerospatiale. That’s why the greatest films have investors who continue to bring big money in Holywood, and the audience go to see the greatest actors working today, and the banks definitely won the war!