I would like to be a non-smoker cause Smoking cessation’ll remain for a long time. The World Health Organization  estimated that tobacco caused 100 million deaths over the course of the 20th century.  These last ten years, there have been up to 4 million death due to smoking addictions.  And if smokers can’t quit a new surveillance from the Global Youth Tobacco survey prevent 8 million cancer deaths by 2015.

I tried to quit but it’s not easy. The last 20 years juvenile smoking have an important place because they start  by watching the adults in the streets and want to act intelligent.  So they imitate the Hollywood or Bolywood stars. Even if some encourage to quit with the Nicotine gum, like Ben Stiller in “Meet My Parents”.  It can be explained as the stereotype of working-class affect and behavior the more young smokers. While kids (13-15 years) are growing up so fast.  There is a generation of young smokers who regularly choose contraband’s cigarettes,  which remain a serious public-health problem that undermines efforts to curb young smoking rates. If Nicotine changes metabolism, weight gain when they quit smoking cigarettes.  Because it’s an oral fixation instead of food. Smoking cessation can apply also  to cessation of smoking other substances. If it can be difficult to stop due to the development of physical, psychological, and behavioral addictions.

Smoking cessation need definitely an effective assistance from health care professionals or the use of medications like this: interventions aimed at health care providers and  health care systems, medications including nicotine replacement therapy (NRT),  varenicline and individual and group counseling. So the first step is to call the doctor or an association to quit now in a  personalized way,  and informations about the substitutes for cigarettes.