Ken Block drives a Ford on the tarmac of the Universal Studios of Los Angeles, in California. Filmed over the course of five days, director Ben Conrad and his team at Logan deliver pyrotechnics, massive stunts and a series of best tricks ever done for the TV by bringing the American Sport, the specials effects of Hollywood, the dance of Bollywood and Ken Block all together in this prom of 2011. Gymkhana confirm now to be ready for make a higher production style than has been seen before.

The Gymkhana is a new way to introduce sport in a place of public and relieve the monotony of  life. According to Yule, the first Gymkhana was horse and pony races done in India, the first time it was on the authority of Major John Trotter, at Rurki in the year 1861. Over the years another version has been done, it’s called the Funny Race and it’s better known outside of India to catch all the folkloristic sports, like Tilting at the ring, to reinvent the race, to have fun driving, to seduce the audience, to better sell services and products, or any other reason.

By now, many people have seen the Gymkhana on TV commercial with the products available in US. DC and Ken Block choose the smoke, explosions, street racing, bullet time, zombie,  Sasquatch the monkey, the East in West to explore the themes of the new movies in this super prom of the Holywood Megamercial. The video rock so much than it reach over 1 MILLION views in only 24 hours.