The big day’s started and soon the customer is arrived. The bakers don’t have finish the wedding cake, they’re working again and again on the decor and don’t show stress. The boss make the wedding cake like if it’s his own wedding. He ‘s responsible for the command and he got to take care of the request of the client. An original decor and design are the elements to sell the product transformed. But the beauty it’s not just the outside, but the inside, too. The taste, flavor and texture of the cake itself is one of the most important decision to be made. And it’s too the baker to have in store his secret, wedding plans.

Here’s some video to show you how they decorate Wedding cake.

It’s at the client to take the good choice for the dessert time to be eat by the guests when they have arrived at the end of the meal. Because they got just maried and they believe in each other, they want to share their happyness. And It’s nice when they all got fun together, and if there’s some new romance through the night. Nobody’s gonna forget this big day. Mission accomplished?

Everybody got to like the royal icing (combining sugar and egg whites) or meringue powder, color, the sugary masterpiece, which is adorned with hand-crafted flowers, and designed like this because it’s his business to make in a new way creations to light up the eyes of his clients.

And the wedding cake can stay forever on video like this one.