There is Shakespeare in theaters and all his friends directed by Roland Emmerich. This is the new political thriller to tell you nothing except it’s the sequence of the Rapture if you have been scared with the movie “2012” of the german director (or if you read “The War of The Films” to make reference to another of my posts) but everything is all right. The advantage is than we just enter in another Renaissance with the invention and development of new technologies for the movies (like the TV in 3D). Yes we can ! The inconvenient is today nobody knows who was William Shakespeare? Maybe we would not know until nobody ask himself the question “who was the ghostwriter of Shakespeare and why?” The most important is to find his voice in the writtings. Is it Marlowe or not? The both were influenced by Chaucer’s work which made a crucial contribution for the English language. Only scientifics can tell us by compared his vocabulary and voice with other english writers. Also Shakespeare could have written with another writer some play. Of course it’s gonna take years of research and personally I don’t give a damn about that and this make me laugh to know than so many people tried to solve this mistery. But I gonna watch it like the others who love to see the historic places and interesting architecture of london of that time, or again the sixteen century clothes and costumes.

“We’ve All Been Played” says Roland Emmerich.