The latest brain researches in dyslexia tell us there are no difference between a dislexic person and others  except they have difficulty to impact learning. Ok they need more time than others to do homeworks in schools and colleges. Because they may find it difficult to manage things such as spelling, the meaning of long sentences, and a list of instructions. They need more time to reinforce their understanding by repeating or summarizing what is said regularly and at short intervals.

In fact they don’t know how it happens. It’s their brains who process the information differently. The dislexical condition can control right-brain dominant for process information in an intuitivevisual and intuitive way.  If they have problem with motivation and organisation they are very curious and they act like if their right-brain was unblocked until they become restless during long verbal explanations or enjoy creative storytelling. Some of them became famous actors, writers, sportive. Whatever they had a more active and extraordinary in their life.

Here’s a list of  accomplished individuals are dyslexic, or had traits associated with dyslexia or related learning styles.

Actors & Entertainers:

Tom CruiseThomas Edison

Inventors & Scientists:

Artists, Designers, & Architects:

Noel Gallagher

Law & Justice:

Military Heroes:

Musicians & Vocalists:


John F KennedyJackie StewartWinston Churchill

Physicians & Surgeons

Political Leaders:

Entrepreneurs & Business Leaders:


Richard BransonSteven SpielbergLewis Carroll

Writers & Journalists: